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Exquisite Restoration

Jacksonville, FL
7017 N. Alma Avenue
Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 308-0500

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Event & Conference Details
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Certified Lithomex Installer Workshop

December 28-29, 2017
Certified Lithomex Installer Workshop
Craftwork Training Center will help you embrace the face of masonry!

Whether you're a craftsman, contractor, architect, or artisan, join us for a 2-day workshop to become a Certified Lithomex Installer.

Rather than cutting out and replacing damaged or decaying brick and stone, convincing repairs can be achieved by using modern lime mortars. Lithomex is a state-of-the-art brick and stone resurfacing and repair material specifically designed to restore the profile, surface finish, texture, and color of the original masonry. This comprehensive workshop consists of hands-on demonstrations and extensive practice on mock-up surfaces, allowing participants to hone their skills. Technical knowledge and expertise is reinforced with lectures addressing the potential causes of brick and stone deterioration, design considerations, recognition of the aesthetic qualities of Lithomex, and understanding the properties that insure compatibility with the host masonry (breathable, porous, flexible, and harmonious thermal expansion). Students are guided through the steps to apply the product properly and efficiently to deliver high quality work including carving details with small tools or chisels, tooling and finishing techniques, color matching, and simulation tips and techniques. Lithomex can also be used to form decorative features such as mouldings and cornices and it can be tooled, shaped, and sculpted even weeks after the final set has taken place, allowing sufficient time to achieve the very highest standard of work with the best quality reproduction. Each student must successfully complete the hands-on skills and pass an end-of-class written exam to receive the Lithomex Installer certification which is valid for 5 years. To ensure an exceptional learning experience, the class size is limited.

After completing the workshop participants will:
  • Recognize how to prepare the host masonry by chiseling back and removing all of the decayed and loose material.
  • Have the ability to improve bonding to the host masonry and prevent cracking.
  • Know the steps to mix, prepare, blend, and apply Lithomex for optimal durability and service life.
  • Have the skill to cast Lithomex to create replacement pieces or details.
  • Be able to simulate stone and brick features, rough finishes, and false joints.
  • Know how to use the edge of a trowel or steel float to shape and form details and corners.
  • Understand how to achieve fine polished finishes by troweling after initial set has begun or by fine carborundum paper after the material is sufficiently hard.
  • Be proficient in rubbing down the repair to its final shape and profile by using abrasive pads, blocks, knives, and straight-edges.
  • Be able to apply surface finishes such as droving, stugging, or broaching.
  • Realize how to age the repair (if appropriate) to match the surrounding masonry, making the repair disappear.
Craftwork Training Center teaches time-honored skills and fine craftsmanship using intensive hands-on training in preservation masonry and carpentry techniques. our workshops enable students to repair, restore, and stabilize historic structures and their components. We also emphasize construction principles, current and emerging industry standards, preservation practices, and sustainable materials.

Book Workshop MAS-06 (Dec. 28-29, 2017) online at or call 215-536-1776 to register by phone.

Location Information
Craftwork Training Center
3145 State Road
Telford, PA 18969
Contact Information
Robin Hepler
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