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Property For Sale
View more information about this historic property for sale in Lewes, Delaware

Historic Destination Inn for Sale

Lewes, DE
30 Bromley Road
Pittsford, NY 14534
Phone: (503) 308-0500

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Victorian Revival Vintage Lighting

Mad Dog Primer

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What's New on
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Historic Real Estate Directory - Instructions for Listing Your Historic Property
Historic Preservation Blog from - historic real estate for sale, historic homes for sale, historic home for sale, vintage real estate, vintage house for sale, vintage home, realtor, historic building for sale
Contributed By:

The Historic Real Estate Directory provides you with an ideal platform for the historic homes, buildings and other historic structures you currently have or will soon have listed for sale.  Please note, you DO NOT have to be a real estate agent and/or REALTOR® to list your historic property on or our partner site (we accept listings from both homeowners and real estate agents). To list your home, click here or use the link at the bottom of this page.

What is included in my listing?

  • Up to 11 color photos
  • Full contact information is included - name, company affiliation (if applicable), phone/fax/email and link to your website.
  • Unlimited text that describes the property's Physical Description, Property History, and any Misc. Notes.
  • Viewers of your listing can email it automatically to a colleague, client or friend looking to purchase a historic home.
  • Google™Maps provides satellite view of each property. 

Fees for Listing your historic home or historic structure for sale:

  • 2 month listing = $70.00
  • 6 month listing = $125.00
  • 12 month listing = $185.00
  • Please note - fee is per listing.  If the home or property sells before the listing period ends, the listing fee is not refunded.

  • Additional Exposure Available on Our Partner Website -
    • You will have the option of also listing your property on our partner website,, which works closely with's historic real estate directory to maximize exposure for these wonderful historic homes.
    • Both websites share the same database, allowing to tap into the vast network established over the last 10 years by
    • Your login and password for our secure members area will work on - making editing, monitoring, renewing and/or featuring your listing a breeze across both websites!
    • Fees for listing your home on
      • 2 month listing - add $15 (total for both sites = $85)
      • 6 month listing - add $25 (total for both sites = $150)
      • 12 month listing - add $35 (total for both sites = $220)
    • How do I list my property on
      • You will be prompted on the secure submit form - simply check the box when prompted and your listing will be added to's historic real estate for sale directory.

  • Featured Listing Options (per property):
    • Listing on "Featured Property Page" for 1 week = $25.00
    • Listing on homepage and sidebar of website (your listing will appear on EVERY page of for 1 week = $65.00 (includes listing on "Featured Property Page" at no additional charge)
    • Every Featured Property will be posted to the Facebook page (currently over 1,600 members) the day it is listed on  To view our Facebook page, click here.
    • For more information on a "Featured Listing", please click here.

Does my home or property qualify?  What qualifies as a historic or vintage home?

  • The only criteria we use for being able to list on the site is that the home or property must be 50 years old or older.  The home or property does not have to be listed on any local, State or National Register of Historic Places - again, it must only be 50 years old or older.



  • AUDIENCE - We receive approximately 5,500 unique users each day from your target audience - architects, historical society members, building restoration professionals, National Trust members, historic homeowners, downtown and mainstreet revitalization professionals, and others interested and involved with historic and cultural resource preservation. 
    • And utilizing online resources to gain visibility for home listings is now viewed as an essential tool.  According to a November 2007 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 84 percent of recent home buyers used the Internet in their search, up from 80 percent in 2006.

  • MANAGE YOUR LISTING 24/7 - Upon adding your first home/building, you will be assigned a login and password, which will provide you the ability to monitor your listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You maintain constant access and will be able to alter sell price, insert new photos, change contact information, etc. whenever you like! Don't worry - we're here to provide full support in case you have any questions along the way.  

  • TRACK HITS TO EACH LISTING - A new feature that has been added, due to popular demand, is the ability to review the number of hits to each of your listings.  After logging into your secure members area, you will see current stats for each of the listings you currently have on 

  • PHOTO UPLOAD MADE EASY - Upload your photos directly through the listing form. No need to send them in an additional email (please note, you will still have the option of sending the photos via email or by postal mail if you prefer). Also, you can choose the order in which the photos appear and revise your photos at any time. 

  • CONVENIENT LISTING PERIODS - Tailored to your needs, we now offer listing periods of 2 months, 6 months or 12 months

  • GOOGLE™ MAPS INTEGRATION - Your historic home or property for sale is automatically linked to Google™ Maps, allowing our website users (and your potential buyers) the ability to easily find your historic property for sale.

  • SEARCH ENGINES DON'T LIE - has had a major presence online since launching in 1999.  In that time it has risen to the top of the major search engines, making it very easy to find for those searching for information on historic real estate, historic preservation, heritage travel, historic lodging, restoration funding sources, and other topics related to historic and cultural resource preservation. currently has the following rankings on (the internet's major search engine) when entering the following keywords:
    • "historic property agent"; Rank=#1 out of 820,000 sites 
    • "historic for sale"; Rank=#2 & #3 out of 24,800,000 sites
    • "historic property for sale"; Rank=#2 out of 1,200,000 sites
    • "historic real estate agent"; Rank=#2 out of 2,630,000 sites 
    • "historic home for sale"; Rank=#3 out of 954,000 sites
    • "historic house for sale"; Rank=#3 out of 1,520,000 sites
    • "historic real estate"; Rank=#3 out of 16,300,000 sites  
    • "featured property for sale"; Rank=#3 out of 1,670,000 sites
    • "historic property realtor"; Rank=#4 out of 487,000 sites
    • "preservation blog"; Rank=#1 out of 4,140,000 sites
    • "historic organization"; Rank=#1 out of 37,700,000 sites
    • "preservation organizations"; Rank=#1 out of 406,000 sites
    • "endangered history"; Rank=#2 out of 9,590,000 sites
    • "building restoration resource"; Rank=#2 out of 530,000 sites
    • "historic events and conferences"; Rank=#2 out of 1,290,000 site

    • Two new ways to feature your property - upon submitting your listing, you will have the opportunity to list the property (1) on the homepage and on the navigation bar on EVERY page for 1 week, or (2) on our Featured Property page for 1 week. 
    • Each property is placed on the "New Listings" page for 2 months at no additional charge.
    • Our e-newsletter is distributed each month to currently over 7,000 people actively seeking historic property - your property is featured for 2 months (2 issues) at no additional charge.

    • We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from those who have listed on our site.  Over the years, many real estate agents have listed over and over again - all due to their positive experiences listing on  To read testimonials, click here.



Click Here to List Your, Historic Home, Building or Other Historic Structure

Keywords: historic real estate for sale, historic homes for sale, historic home for sale, vintage real estate, vintage house for sale, vintage home, realtor, historic building for sale

Posted: December 28, 2010
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