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Property For Sale
View more information about this historic property for sale in Lewes, Delaware

Historic Destination Inn for Sale

Lewes, DE
30 Bromley Road
Pittsford, NY 14534
Phone: (503) 308-0500

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Victorian Revival Vintage Lighting

Mad Dog Primer

What's New on     

What's New on
Back to Press Releases Print   Submit an Article January 2014 Email Newsletter
Historic Preservation Blog from -
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Facebook Twitter More... General Email Newsletter  -  Vol. IX   Issue 1


We have recently completed a major initiative to update every link on  The process took months to complete, as there are over 8,000 different links on our website in a variety of areas of relevance to the historic and cultural preservation community, including:


Many great new books have been added to the Preservation Bookstore in recent months.  More information and a link to the books can be found below.

Early American Architecture: From the First Colonial Settlements to the National Period by Hugh Morrison

Hailed as "a model of scholarship" by the Saturday Review, this comprehensive survey of domestic and public architecture ranges from early settlers' primitive cabins to Greek Revival mansions of the early 1800s. Nearly 500 illustrations complement the text, praised by The New York Times as "entertaining, vigorous, and clearly written."

Listed Under Following Categories on Architectural History & Design; Identifying Architectural Styles

- American Architecture Since 1780 (2ND 92 Edition) by Marcus Whiffen

When Marcus Whiffen's classic introduction to American architectural styles was published in 1969, Reyner Banham called it "one of the most enjoyable general works on American architecture that has ever appeared." This new edition, containing descriptions, histories, and illustrations of more than forty architectural styles, has been revised and updated to include two new entries on late modernism and on post-modernism and a description of "streamline moderne," now recognized as an independent style. The number of illustrations has been increased to 200...

Listed Under Following Categories on Architectural History & DesignIdentifying Architectural Styles

To View the Entire Preservation Bookstore Catalog, please click here.

Interested in having your preservation-related book or publication added to the Preservation Bookstore?  If you would like your book to be considered for inclusion on our website, please send a copy or sample to, 7017 N. Alma Ave, Portland, OR 97203.  There is no fee to be listed, but we need to review the publications before placing them on our website.  If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime.


Does your organization or business have a publication, conference/event, or other major initiative you would like to promote? has a variety of paid services that can assist your organization/company reach a wide audience.  Below is an overview of available services - for more information, please contact us at or by phone at 503-308-0500. 

Available Services:


Interested in receiving weekly email updates highlighting new jobs and preservation news that have been added to in the last week?  Our "Preservation Headlines & Job Listings Weekly Update" will provide detailed information about recent preservation related jobs and internships (museums, historic consulting, architecture, etc), as well as provide the latest headlines in the world of historic and cultural resource preservation.  

Emails will be sent each week (you can unsubscribe anytime) and there is no charge to receive the email updates.  To sign up for the weekly Preservation Headlines & Job Listings email, please click here.  

Interested in listing your Job Listing, Press Release and/or Event?  There is no fee to list and you can use our online forms below to submit your listing.
As always, if you have a question about this new service, please don't hesitate to contact us or by phone at 503-308-0500.

Does Your Organization Have an Event to Publicize?

There is never a fee to list your event, conference, trade show, webinar or other historic preservation-related event.  Be sure to use our online form, which allows you to submit event description, date(s), location, and event logo/graphic.  Click here to use our online form.

Also, be sure to check out our Preservation Events & Conferences directory to view the many upcoming educational events around North America.  To view the events directory, please click here.


We are happy to offer new advertising options on our website and within our monthly email newsletter (this is what you are reading!).  

As always, your preservation-related business, product or service can advertise in our Business Section.  We have now opened up two new areas for advertising - here is information about our new options:

  1. Sidebar Listing: We are happy to now offer space on the left-hand sidebar of our website (the blue area).  The ad to the right (Tulane School of Architecture) is an example of size and look for ads placed in the sidebar of  

  2. Email Newsletter Listing: Our monthly email newsletter currently goes out to over 13,000 preservation-minded people.  Ads can be placed in our email newsletter, either per issue or for a reduced rate in multiple issues.  
If you would like rates, schedule and general information about listing on the sidebar of and/or in our Monthly Email Newsletter, please contact us at or by phone at 503-308-0500.  


Tim Cannan, President of in Butte, Montana (June 2011)We are just about at the end of posting the photos from last summer's "Heritage Tour" of parts of the United States.  We have enjoyed sharing the photos with you and will be posting the last sets in the coming weeks.  
Be sure to check our Facebook page at to see photo sets from our recent cross-country heritage tour of a portion of the United States.

Photo Sets Posted So Far (click the city name to view photos):
Coming Soon: Corvallis, Oregon; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington.

Check them out at

If you prefer to follow our posts on Twitter, you can follow us at (@HistoricPres).  Our Twitter feed is synched to our Facebook page, so you will see all of our posts.

Please note - we have a backlog of photos from various other places around the United States and will be adding them as well.  Please stay tuned!


Be sure to check out this month's "new" historic property listings.  Many amazing historic homes and commercial properties have been added to the "Historic Real Estate for Sale" directory over the last few months, and we are very happy to share these treasures with you!  

Highlights of recent listings include:

To View All Property Listings, click here

Property listings provide critical funding for our overall preservation activities at  For information on listing your home or commercial property, please click here or contact us for more information.  

New Featured Listings are posted each day on our partner Facebook page.  If interested in joining our Historic For Sale Facebook page, please go to  Please note, all properties are listed on our website, so if you don't like Facebook (we understand!), listings will always be available on our website.  


In addition to the information posted on and included in each month's email newsletter, we also use social media to disseminate historic preservation-related news, job listings, press releases, photos of historic places, historic real estate listings and other items of interest to the preservation community.   

If interested, we have a variety of pages and feeds you can follow:
If you prefer not to use social media (we perfectly understand), we will still post all listings and information about historic homes on both of our websites - and


We are happy to post the latest preservation and cultural resource news items to our Press Releases & Job Listings section.  We highlight the items of most interest to our readers on our homepage each week, as well as feature these items each month in our email newsletter:

Do you have a preservation-related news item or press release you would like added to  Click the link below to use our online form to submit your information (there is never a fee for non-profit organization's to list!):

Press Release Form - click here


Each month we will feature jobs and internships at historical societies, architecture firms, museums, etc. that have been posted to our "Preservation Press Releases & Job Postings" job directory (click on jobs below for more information).

Join our Facebook Page to view daily job postings at

Follow us on Twitter to view daily job postings at

Please note, we cannot guarantee the status of each job, so please contact the listing agency for more information: 

Do you have a preservation-related job that you would like added to  Click the link below to use our online form to submit your job listing (there is never a fee!):

Preservation Job Listing form - click here

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us better serve our vast network of preservation professionals and those seeking information on historic house research, historical societies, museums, historic real estate, historic lodging, and preservation-related conferences and events.


Tim Cannan, President
7017 N. Alma Ave
Portland, OR 97203


President Obama to Sign Proclamation Designating Fort Monroe a National Monument (Posted: November 1, 2011)

Posted: January 27, 2014
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