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Academic Year 2020 Internships - application deadline November 10, 2019 (National Council for Preservation Education)
Historic Preservation Blog from - internships, interns, national park service, jobs, student
Contributed By: Julee M Johnson
Email The Author:

Academic Year 2020 Internships - application deadline November 10, 2019 (National Council for Preservation Education)
National Council for
Preservation Education (NCPE)

Academic Year 2020 Internships with the

National Park Service (NPS), the Department of the Interior (DOI),

and General Services Administration (GSA)

The National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE), in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS) and other partnering government agencies, is pleased to offer internships during the 2020 academic year, beginning in January 2020. NCPE has partnered with the NPS since 1992 to connect post-secondary students and recent graduates in historic preservation, cultural resource management, and related fields to projects at a wide variety of sites and divisions within the NPS system and other agencies annually. Approximately 60 internships are available during this period; another 85 will be offered in the summer of 2020. The PreserveNet website describes the process to apply for an academic year 2020 internship; visit PreserveNet in February for information about summer internships. In both cases, completing an application is the first step in securing an internship.

The length of an internship can vary from 10 to 30 weeks if full-time (40 hours/week) or longer if on a part-time schedule. The exact starting dates will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the supervisor.

Stipends are paid at a rate of $15/hour unless noted otherwise. Please note that interns are not NCPE or NPS employees; stipends are academic awards rather than wages. 

To be eligible, applicants must be currently enrolled in an academic program or recently graduated (degree received January 2019 or later). Interns are not eligible to work more than 1200 hours total in NCPE’s program. Previous interns must stay within this overall limit.

Please be aware that unless otherwise noted, interns are responsible for finding and paying for travel to and housing at the internship location. In some cased the supervising office may be able to assist in locating housing but it is ultimately up to the individual accepting the internship to find accommodations.

Also be aware that, due to Government-wide security requirements, a background check will be required for all positions if you are chosen for that position. This will include providing information about recent housing and employment history. The position supervisor will have more information about those requirements and procedures at the time of hiring. Please direct any questions to Julee Johnson at

Once the deadline for submission has passed, NCPE’s staff will process applications and forward them to the supervisors at the many NPS sites and offices requesting an intern. Supervisors will review the applications and contact applicants for a phone interview. Please allow 6-8 weeks after the deadline before inquiring about the status of your application.


The application is available in Adobe Acrobat.

To submit your application, please scan your materials and email them as a single Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file containing both the signed application and the two most recent years of your academic transcripts to the Co-Director of NCPE’s Internship Program, Julee Johnson (email:

Applications that include a resume, writing sample (other than the required essay), portfolio, or other documents will be rejected. Please adhere to the single .pdf format requirements. Name the file with your name in this format: Lastname,
Firstname NCPE Winter20. Due to the large number of applications received,
please keep your file under 5 MB or compress it to meet this limit.

Applications must be received no later than Sunday, November 10 at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Tips for completing a successful application:

•Type your application. The easier it is to read by site supervisors, many of whom are reading dozens of applications, the more it will stand out. This is especially true of the required short essay.

•Plan your application. Treat it as a series of questions with a single purpose: to convince a NPS employee that you want an internship for a particular reason. Writing that you seek “General experience in your chosen field” isn’t specific enough; be explicit about why this internship will help your professional or academic career. Don’t forget to explain what you will bring to the position in the way of skills and/or experience.

•Reread your application. Better yet, have someone else read it for you to help catch any misspellings, unfilled fields, or incomplete answers.

SPONSORING AGENCY: National Park Service

Location: Washington, D.C.

Cultural Resources Office of Interpretation and Education Digital Humanities,
Teaching with Historic Places, and Women’s History:  This intern will learn the National Park Service Content Management System to make Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) lesson plans accessible and available, will have the opportunity to design creative educational material based on TwHP material, and will perform original research supporting online Women’s History. Additional opportunities may
include working with the Cultural Resources youth program coordinator on
organizing internship program materials and planning programs for college and graduate level interns.  Located in Washington, D.C. (400 hours)

Cultural Resource Geographic Information Systems Facility (CRGIS): CRGIS
is the only program within the National Park Service (NPS) dedicated to
developing and fostering the use of GIS and GPS technologies in documenting,
analyzing and managing cultural resources. 

CRGIS is partnering with the American Battlefield Protection Program
(ABPP), which promotes the preservation of historic battlefields associated
with wars fought on American soil, to consolidate and organize their collection
of spatial data related to battlefields and grants. CRGIS has created a
collection of GIS data delineating battlefield boundaries and will be creating
a collection of GIS data focusing on identifying areas that have received ABPP
battlefield land acquisition grants.  The internship would be located jointly with CRGIS and ABPP of the National Park Service (NPS), focusing on creating and integrating the necessary GIS data.  The internship would involve examining the original ABPP documentation to define battlefield boundaries and locations of areas which have received ABPP grants.

The intern would be responsible for collecting digital tax parcel data,
developing battlefield boundary spatial data and converting this information
into GeoDatabase.  The intern would be responsible for contacting potential data sources, integrating data sources creation of the final GeoDatabase product.

The intern would receive training in the NPS cultural resource spatial data transfer standards, as well as the ABPP Battlefield Land Acquisition Grant process, working closely with the ABPP staff, as well as CRGIS GIS specialists.  A successful candidate should have an historic preservation background; familiarity with the ABPP program as well as general grant management concepts desirable. 
The successful candidate would also have experience in ArcGIS 10.X and
GeoDatabases to create the spatial data using the data model already
developed.  Located in Washington, D.C.
(400 hours)

3417. Tribal Historic Preservation Program, Cultural
Resources Office of Tribal Relations and American Cultures, Program Specialist:  The Tribal Historic Preservation Program (THPP) is the National Park Service (NPS) office responsible for reviewing and approving applications submitted by federally recognized Tribes to enter into Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO)
partnerships with the NPS. Working with NPS staff, the intern will support the THPP by assisting with tracking and reviewing partnership applications, as well as providing grant and review support to 194 approved THPO Partnership Programs. Duties will include processing and aggregating annual activities reports, document tracking/filing, and serving as a point of contact between the THPP and THPOs, as well as other NPS programs that support THPOs. Additional duties may include documenting and archiving THPP library items and  tracking, reviewing, and drafting responses to incoming Tribal Historic Preservation Officer inquiries and program plans for review and approval by Program Staff.  Depending on the applicant's strengths and interests, duties could also include developing outreach materials for social media and web contexts and identifying new opportunities to reach out to prospective applicants. Experience in one or more of the following fields is required: Anthropology, Historic Preservation, Native American/Indigenous Studies, or Public Administration (or related field). Experience with the National Historic Preservation Act or experience/enthusiasm for working with tribal cultural and historical resource management is preferred. Other required skills include: knowledge of Microsoft Office
programs, experience with file or database management, and strong written communication and editing skills. If selected for an interview, you will be asked to submit a writing sample.  Located in Washington, D.C. (1200 hours)

3418. State, Tribal, and Local Plans and Grants Division, Tribal Historic
Preservation Program: Working with NPS staff, the intern will support the
Tribal Historic Preservation Program (THPP) by assisting with tracking
partnership applications, as well as providing grant and review support to 169
approved Tribal Historic Preservation Office Partnership Programs. Duties will
include reviewing and approving annual plans of work, processing and
aggregating Grant Product Summary forms, document tracking/filing, and serving
as a point of contact between the THPP and grantees, potential grantees, and
other NPS programs that support THPOs. Located in Washington, D.C. (400 hours)

3419. State, Tribal, and Local Plans & Grants, Certified Local Government (CLG)
Program: Assists the program manager in updating databases, reviewing and certifying new CLG communities, and drafting correspondence. Works with the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions to prepare for the 2020 FORUM, the only national conference focused on the issues facing local historic preservation commissions and historic districts.

Develops working relationships with preservation partners at the state and local levels, including non-profit organizations. Duties will involve exposure to grants management, website and publication development, understanding of the Federal Preservation Program, and direct interaction with NPS, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and CLG and GIS staff. Interaction with other national level preservation partners will also be possible. Local, State, and Federal governments work together in the Federal Preservation Program to help communities save the irreplaceable historic character of places. Through the certification process,
communities make a local commitment to historic preservation. This commitment is key to America's ability to preserve, protect, and increase awareness of our unique cultural heritage found in the built environment across the country. Strong written and oral communication skills are required. Experience working with multiple levels of government and a degree in historic preservation, urban planning, architecture, architectural history, public history, or similar is preferred. Located in Washington, D.C. (1200 hours)

3420. Historic Preservation Training Center, Historic Architect Intern: Successful candidate will work with the HPTC Historic Architecture Team to complete on-going historic structure assessment, documentation and treatment projects. Duties include: field inspection, historic fabric investigation, field documentation (hand-sketching and CAD drawings), and condition assessment of historic structures. Tasks may also include preparation of Historic Structure Assessment Reports. Successful candidate will be familiar with historic construction methods and historic preservation philosophy including The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Hands-on experience with field
documentation, material assessment, CAD and hand-drawing skills, and solid
writing skills, are desirable. Please articulate these skills in your application; examples may be requested. For those seeking architectural licensure, this internship will count towards the new NCARB Architectural Experience Program (AXP system [multiple categories] and allow candidates to gain experience under the supervision of a practicing licensed architect (HPTC Senior Historical Architect) ( Located at HPTC headquarters, within the boundary of Monocacy National Battlefield, Frederick, MD. HPTC is a dynamic and award winning program of the NPS. and NPS HPTC @ facebook. (480 hours)

Location: National Capital Region

3421. Harpers Ferry Center, Media Accessibility Program: The Media Accessibility Program is located at Harpers Ferry Center, a National Park Service interpretive media design center. The Harpers Ferry Center works with parks to produce media. Primary media types include exhibitions, audio and video programs, digital interactive programs and brochures. Harpers Ferry Center and its Media Accessibility Program maintain the National Park Service’s Programmatic Accessibility Guidelines for Interpretive Media. There are two primary duties of this internship. The first includes ongoing organization and outreach to park partners for an innovative initiative to audio describe park brochures. This project ensures a fundamental level of access for visitors who are blind or have low vision. The second
includes research, collection and analysis of accessibility media components
that serve as annotated examples contributing to best practice guidance and resources that Harpers Ferry Center provides to the National Park Service as a whole. This internship is an opportunity to learn about universal design principles and accessibility services for persons with disabilities visiting cultural and natural history sites. The position is hosted at the Harpers Ferry Center in Harpers Ferry, WV. Harpers Ferry is approximately 50 miles from the D.C. area. Public transportation to and around the area is limited. Transportation and housing are not included. (600 hours, schedule and start date negotiable)

3422-24. Harpers Ferry Center, Museum Conservation Services and Collections: Intern works with NPS History Collection staff to catalog museum collections, conduct
environmental monitoring and integrated pest management, and assist with
storage improvements and collection rehousing. Also research and document the
backlog of uniform items in the NPS Uniform Collection. Cataloging history
objects includes some research, photo-documentation of objects, and the use of
the Interior Collection Management System (ICMS). Additional duties include
cataloging audiovisual materials and assisting with documentation of the
Harpers Ferry Center Commissioned Art Collection. The intern will support
researcher access, such as scanning images and documents, as well as assisting with the annual inventory of museum property and preparing catalog records for the NPS Web Catalog. The internship may be used for credit if university agrees. Own transportation required. Located in Charles Town, WV (3 positions, 1200 hours each)

3258. Harpers Ferry Center, NPS History Collection: Intern assists the NPS History Collection archivist to arrange, process, describe records and prepare finding aids. The successful candidate will gain valuable hands-on experience surveying records, developing a processing plan, and conducting research, arrangement, description, and basic preservation work. Training also provided in use of the Interior Collection Management System (ICMS) for cataloging. Own transportation required. Located in Charles Town, WV (880 hours).

3425. Museum Management Program, National Catalog Office: Intern will assist with the review and processing of park museum catalog records for submission to the National Catalog, the NPS repository for paper and electronic records, and any additional record related projects. Performs a variety of collections management duties for the NPS Clearinghouse, primarily focusing on storage improvements and housekeeping.  A Museum Studies or archives management/digital preservation background preferred, but attention to detail also important. Required skills include good writing, computer familiarity, and being able to work independently. Knowledge
of working with databases such as the DOI ICMS are helpful, but not essential.
Housing and transportation are the intern's responsibility. Located in Harpers
Ferry, WV.  (700 hours)

3426. National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom, Networking, Story Maps and Web Content: Intern will work with the Network to Freedom (NTF) staff
and partners to foster networking and build virtual communities by developing
story maps and web content relating to freedom seekers who escaped slavery in
the U.S. and settled in Canada.  This will include research, coordinating with site stewards of related historic sites including Canadian sites, selecting photographs, and writing content for the internet. The intern will facilitate communication among the sites and develop Story Maps using ArcGIS Online to tell the life stories of specific
individuals who found freedom through the Underground Railroad. There is potential to travel to Underground Railroad sites with NTF staff. This work should give an intern hands-on experience working with site stewards and communicating historic information to the public as well as using the Esri ArcGIS platform. Qualifications: GIS experience required and knowledge or skill using Microsoft SQL Server is a plus. Exceptional communication, interpersonal, writing for websites, and organizational skills required; knowledge of HTML and experience with content management systems, such as Common Spot; Basic Adobe Photoshop skills.  Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, History or a related field. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented with the ability to multi-task; strong work ethic with the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing priorities; teamwork skills, including ability to work collaboratively, efficiently, and at times independently.  Work will be performed at Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center, Church Creek, MD.  Housing and transportation will be the responsibility of the intern. Own transportation required. (1200 hours)

Location: Northeast Region

3427. Fort Stanwix National Monument: The Division of Cultural Resources at Fort Stanwix National Monument seeks an independent, detail-oriented candidate with
excellent organizational and oral and written communication skills to assist
staff with collection management activities. During the 600 hour internship,
the intern may assist in safely housing and marking artifacts, cataloging
archaeological and museum objects, researching archaeological archives, and
maintaining cultural resource data for Fort Stanwix NM, partners, and
potentially, other associated sites. Skills and/or enthusiasm for working with
archaeological objects, photographing objects, and creating social media content
are desired. Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates
with a background in anthropology/archaology, museum studies, and/or history
are preferred. Located in Rome, NY. (600 hours)

3428. Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation, Education Program: The intern will work with Olmsted Center staff to develop both distance learning and field based,
hands-on, educational programs in cultural landscape preservation skills for
National Park Service employees. Duties will include development of class
curriculum, delivery, and evaluation methodology; and support in planning and
coordinating skills training classes and other Olmsted Center educational
initiatives. Experience and training in one or more of the following required:
education curriculum development, historic preservation, public horticulture
and/or environmental education. Excellent communication skills and the ability
to utilize technology to design successful distance learning experiences
through webinars and other technology is highly desirable. This is a good
opportunity for preservation specialists, and those with an interest in the historic
built environment, to further build their teaching and curriculum development
credentials. The NPS Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation works with
national parks to manage cultural landscapes that reflect our national
heritage. The Center provides research, planning, stewardship and education
services to parks in the Northeast Region, from Maine to Virginia.  Internship located in Philadelphia or Boston
(1200 hours)

Location: Southeast Region

3165. Southeast Regional Office, Cultural Landscapes Program: The intern works with historical landscape architects, GIS specialists, and other NPS staff in the
Southeast Region. Duties will include editing existing, and creating new, GIS
spatial data for cultural landscape features, such as vegetation, circulation,
small-scale features, view/vistas, buildings and structures, etc. Travel to
Southeast regional parks is anticipated. Knowledge of cultural landscapes,
landscape architecture, the National Register criteria, and the Secretary of
the Interior’s Guidelines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes is
beneficial. Strong GIS and GPS skills are essential. Fluency with AutoCAD,
Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop also helpful. Located at the Southeast
Regional Office in Atlanta, GA. (up to 1200 hours)


3429. Buffalo National River Archeological Intern:
Buffalo National River is seeking an archeological intern for the spring of
2020 to conduct condition assessments of cultural resources within the
park.  These condition assessments are required to ensure that sites are not being damaged by natural or human factors. The intern will use an existing list and existing maps of over 260 sites to locate, prioritize, and assemble necessary data where conditional assessments need monitoring. Over the course of the 400-hour internship (10 weeks if full-time), the intern will spend the first week or two with the park archeologist and visitor protection rangers getting acquainted with the park and understanding the scope of work. This orientation will include visiting
several sites already on the monitor list and familiarization with the
technique and procedure for recordation of sites to describe: GPS location,
erosion due to known/unknown drainages, looting, graffiti, vandalism,
known/unknown social paths, fire, etc., and take photographs of any damage or
threats. Additionally, the park will provide training on computer access and
data input into the archeology database. Following the first few weeks of
training/orientation, most of the internship will consist of independent site
monitoring, with data entry on days of bad weather. During the final one-two
weeks the intern will draft a report for submittal to the park and NCPE. Requirements include: a valid driver’s license, basic computer knowledge, basic map reading skills, potentially knowledge of GPS units, and the ability to learn on the job. Housing provided by Buffalo NR at no cost to the intern. All
supplies/equipment will be provided by the park. A government vehicle will be
provided to the intern to perform duties as described above. Located in St.
Joe, AR.  (400 hours)


3430. Cane River Creole National Historical Park: Intern works with park staff to perform a wide variety of tasks related to interpretative services, including public interpretation of historic buildings and landscapes. Intern will develop park interpretive programming, engage in education and outreach, create content for park social media pages, and park brochures, and interact with the public. Applicants must
demonstrate strong computer, research, writing and organizational skills.
Intern should possess experience with regard to American history. The intern is
responsible for housing and transportation. NOTE: Diverse candidates are
strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates should include how they meet the
definition of diversity in their written application. Work is based at park
offices in Natchez, LA. (400 hours)


3431. Cane River Creole National Historical Park: Intern works with the park’s Division of Resource Management to complete museum collections management tasks in museum and field conditions. Intern shall learn NPS best practices including proper handling, relocating museum collections, artifact identification, cataloging, museum housekeeping, minor conservation, and exhibit production. Other duties include physically moving museum objects, fulfilling requests for research, resource
documentation, developing social media content, and assistance with interpretive
programs. Applicants must demonstrate strong computer, research, writing, and
organizational skills. A background in anthropology, history, cultural
heritage, and/or material culture is highly desirable. The intern is
responsible for housing and transportation. Work is based at park offices in
Natchitoches, LA. (800 hours)


3432. Southeast Archeology Center, Public Outreach Intern: Selected intern will work with the center's Web coordinator to create public outreach content related to the African American Civil Rights era, particularly regarding the events leading up to the creation of Tent City in Lowndes County and the Selma to Montgomery
March in 1965. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop,
Illustrator, and Acrobat is preferred. The intern will need to pass a standard
federal security clearance in order to work on NPS computers. Located in
Tallahassee, FL. (400 hours with possible extension to 1200 hours)


3413. Southeast Archeological Center, Archeology/Museum Intern: Intern works on archeological field projects in National Park units and SEAC partnering
agencies throughout the Southeast U.S. and at SEAC laboratories in Tallahassee,
FL. Duties include shovel testing, excavation, mapping, artifact analysis, and
artifact labeling, cataloging, and organization. Candidates interested in
either field archeology or collections management are encouraged to apply as
positions in each area are available. Those who are selected to work on field
projects may also be asked to perform collections management tasks in the SEAC
laboratories. Work may include extensive travel throughout the Southeast. (12
positions, 400 hours each)  

Location: Midwest Region

3275. Midwest Regional Office, Museum Collections and Records Management Program:  Intern works with Museum Collections and Records Management staff to meet National Park Service (NPS) curation standards for managing archival collections. Duties include a variety of museum and archival responsibilities including processing and cataloging archival materials as reported on the fiscal year 2019 Collections Management Report (CMR) using the Department of the Interior’s official software, ICMS. Other duties include regular housekeeping and environmental monitoring tasks, packaging and handling archival materials, and maintaining an access and use log.  There is potential to travel to park unit sites with curatorial staff to provide on-site assistance. A museum studies or archives management/digital preservation background preferred, and attention to detail is critical.  Housing
and transportation are the intern’s responsibility.  Located in Omaha, NE (640 hours)

3433. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Museum Collections:  Intern coordinates
with Midwest Regional Office Museum Collections and Records Management staff
and park curatorial staff to meet National Park Service (NPS) curation
standards for managing museum collections. The intern will be responsible for a
variety of projects including processing and cataloging museum collections as
reported on the fiscal year 2019 Collections Management Report (CMR) using the
Department of the Interior’s official software ICMS, re-housing textiles and
archival materials, and updating catalog record data for natural history specimens. Other duties include inventorying, unpacking, and re-housing museum objects and artifacts in the newly constructed museum storage space. Provide assistance to curatorial staff in regular housekeeping and environmental monitoring, and maintaining an access and use log.  A museum studies background preferred, and attention to detail very important. Housing and transportation are the intern’s responsibility. Located in Republic, MO (800 hours)

3434. Harry S. Truman National Historic Site, Museum Collections: Intern works with Cultural Resource division staff to meet National Park Service (NPS) curation
standards for managing museum collections. Duties include a variety of curatorial activities such as cataloging museum collections using the Department of the Interior's official software, ICMS; working with a variety of artifact material types, including clothing and textiles, ceramics, glassware, metals and leather to prepare improved storage mounts; working with archival collections including the park’s oral history collection; tracking environmental conditions of the collections; regular housekeeping of the exhibit and collection areas; collection research; assisting with research and development of museum exhibits. Museum studies background preferred; attention to detail also important. Housing and transportation are the intern's responsibility. Located in Independence, MO (800 hours)

3435. Isle Royale National Park and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore:  Intern works with Lake Superior Collection Management Center Curators and Archivist (NPS) and with Isle Royale and Pictured Rocks cultural and natural resource management personnel to meet curation standards for documenting museum collections, including archives. Duties include a variety of museum and archival responsibilities, with a focus on establishing accountability for existing collections inadequately or incorrectly cataloged and for documenting backlogged collections. This work will include reviewing museum records and inventorying, cataloging, marking, and photographing collections, as well as improving object and archives storage conditions.  Duty station is the Lake Superior Collection Management Center located at Keweenaw National Historical Park in Calumet, MI. These training opportunities will allow the interns to learn about and participate in a national historic preservation program by working directly with Federal cultural resource professionals on the project (1 position, 1200 hours; 1 position, 400 hours).  

Location: Intermountain Region

3436. Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park:  The intern will provide hands-on assistance with packing and moving collections, including fine art, historic furnishings and equipment, decorative arts, clothing and other personal effects in preparation for the rehabilitation of historic structures.  They will assist with the NPS annual inventory for the park and will be trained in the use of the Interior Collections Management System (ICMS) database to include updating catalog records to reflect new storage locations and object condition.  Interns are considered full members of the staff and will participate in all aspects of the curatorial work of the department including environmental monitoring, daily housekeeping tasks and assisting research requests from park staff and the public. This is an opportunity for on-the-job learning with a diverse collection in a very dynamic curatorial program located in Johnson City, TX.  Transportation is the responsibility of the intern, park housing may be available. (400 hours)


3437. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Museum and Archival Collections: Intern will work with the park's Cultural Resources Program Manager to complete tasks involving museum collections management and archival research. The intern will help the park meet National Park Service (NPS) curation standards for managing archival and museum collections, including helping with the drafting of management plans. The intern will also learn NPS best practices to complete museum work tasks such as the annual inventory, museum housekeeping, rehousing of objects, and possibly exhibit production. Applicants must demonstrate strong computer, research, writing, and organizational skills. A museum studies or archives management background is preferred. The park will provide housing. Work is based at park offices in Carlsbad, NM. (400 hours)

Location: Pacific West Region

3438. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Cultural Resources Office:  Whiskeytown National Recreation Area seeks an intern to assist with Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) and Burned Area Response (BAR) projects related to the 2018 Carr Fire. This position will assist in the completion of archaeological site condition assessments, monitor historic property stabilization projects and hazard tree removal within archaeological sites, and complete documentation and reporting related to Section 106 of the NHPA as well as BAER/BAR reporting. The project work will be reviewed and approved by staff that meets the Secretary of the Interior’s
Professional Qualification Standards.  Graduate or undergraduate students studying or having recently completed degrees in archaeology or historic architecture are preferred; previous field experience and knowledge of National Register criteria is preferred. Strong research skills, writing skills, and a working knowledge of graphics programs (Adobe, GIS, etc.) are essential. This experience will provide both hands-on
work in the field as well as develop cultural resource management skills. The entire internship will be spent in the park; park housing is available on a first-come first-served basis. (1000 hours)

3439. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Cultural Resources Program:  Whiskeytown Cultural Resources Management Program is seeking candidates to conduct historical research, field inventories, and prepare National Register Determinations of Eligibility (DOEs) and Historic Structure Reports (HSR) for park structures at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. The preparation of the DOEs or HSRs will include research, narrative development of site history, and evaluation of historical significance suitable for a consensus determination of National Register eligibility from the California State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The DOEs and HSRs are critical for use by park management to evaluate the current and future use of these properties and will provide information necessary for resource management
and park operations. These projects will be reviewed and approved by staff that
meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards.  Graduate or undergraduate students studying or having recently completed degrees in historic architecture, landscape architecture, or history preferred; previous field experience and knowledge of National Register criteria is preferred. Strong research skills, writing skills, and a working knowledge of graphics programs (Adobe, GIS, etc.) are essential. This experience will provide both hands-on work in the field as well as develop cultural resource management skills. The entire internship will be spent in the park; park housing is available on a first-come first-served basis at a reasonable cost. (2 positions, 400 hours each)

3315. Channel Islands National Park: Intern works with preservation specialists at Channel Islands National Park, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, and Cabrillo National Monument in the southern California area. Work comprises several hands-on historic preservation projects at all three National Park Service units at a wide variety of historic buildings and structures. Duties include on-site preservation tasks such as siding and roof repair, window repair, fencing and corral repair, masonry, painting, and other jobs. Work may also include basic documentation of condition assessment and treatments. Knowledge of hand and power tools and familiarity with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties is preferred. Basic computer skills are highly desirable. Candidate must be comfortable with physical labor and spending full days outside. No park housing is available. Located in Ventura, CA (720 hours)

3440. Lassen Volcanic National Park, Cultural Resources Program: Successful intern will work with cultural resource staff and GIS specialists to build linkages
between cultural resource databases and documents, conduct field verification
of data, upgrade data from outdated projections or GIS file formats, digitize
survey data, and import data into a secure cultural geodatabase on the park GIS
server. The intern will assist in the production of field-use base maps and
layer files of cultural resources covering Lassen’s 106,448 acre park. Final
product will be a web map service that will provide access to integrated
cultural resource data usable for park planning, compliance, disaster response,
and management decisions. Additional tasks may include creating GIS maps for
archeological sites monitoring and condition assessment programs, and entering
attribute data for new sites and revising data for existing records. Experience
with GIS required, experience using databases, Excel, arcGIS, and Google Earth
desired, and an interest or background in cultural resources preferred. Shared
housing will be provided. Located in Mineral, CA (600 hours)


3441. Yosemite National Park, Cultural Resources GIS and Data Management Assistant: Successful intern will assist GIS and cultural resource staff with developing field data collection workflows using Collector and Survey123, migrating GIS data sets such as National Register and archeological sites to current data standards, converting CAD files to GIS, and producing cartographic products and providing GIS and data management support for the Cultural Resources Branch. Training in and experience with ArcGIS and geodatabases required; experience with Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123, ArcGIS Online, mobile data collection, databases, Excel, and AutoCAD desired; an interest or background in cultural resources preferred. Park housing is available (shared house or apartment). Located in El Portal, CA. (800 hours)

3442. Yosemite National Park, Fire Archeology GIS Assistant: Successful intern will assist the Fire Archeology Program with developing and improving GIS data sets and cartographic products for resource advising and conducting an assessment of priorities and vulnerabilities of cultural resources related to potential impacts from wildland fire and fire management activities. Intern will also conduct data entry in the Cultural Resources Inventory System and assist the Fire Archeologist with other office or field needs. Training and experience with ArcGIS and geodatabases required; experience with Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123, ArcGIS Online, mobile data collection, databases, and Excel desired; background in cultural resources preferred. Background and experience in fire management may be considered but not required. Park housing is available (shared house or apartment). Located in El Portal, CA. (600 hours)

3443. Honouliuli National Monument Resource Management Intern: Intern
will assist with Cultural and Natural Resource Management at Honouliuli
National Monument. Primary duties include creating a digital library of
administrative documents, photographs, and related reports and studies. Other
duties include assisting the Cultural and Natural Resource Division staff with
projects related to the management of resources at the park. Applicants should
be actively pursuing a graduate degree in Historic Preservation, Archaeology,
Anthropology, or History. They should be able to work well independently, have
solid research, technical writing, and communication skills, and are fluent
with Microsoft Office. Proficiency with ArcGIS is desired. Although prior
military base access is not required, applicants will need to be able to pass
background checks in order to secure military base access. Travel to park unit
sites with staff to provide on-site assistance is expected. Housing is not
provided. Located in Honolulu, HI. (400 hours with the possibility of

SPONSORING AGENCY: Department of the Interior

Location: Washington, D.C.

3444. Interior Museum, Department of Interior Museum: Intern works with the Interior Museum collections staff as a museum technician assisting with museum collections care issues including database management, registration, photography, object handling, preventive conservation, research, and related projects such as catalog and accession review. May aid in the installation and deinstallation of temporary displays onsite as well as with the Art-In-Office program. Provides assistance for public programs and public tours. Work environment is primarily sedentary in office spaces and in collections storage areas. Requires the ability to lift 50 pounds, open boxes or packages, and stand for extended periods. Tuesday and
Thursday afternoon availability is required. Located in Washington, D.C. (640

Location: Intermountain Region

3445. Bureau of Land Management, Utah State Office: Intern assists with the management of a Southwest and Four Corners archaeology collection and Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) cases. Projects and duties that support the management of the 80,000 object collection at the Utah State Office include working with the catalog, preparing objects for curation, taking collections photographs, environmental and pest monitoring, and assisting with ongoing collections projects as needs arise. The intern will also assist the Utah State Office and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Field Offices with NAGPRA responsibilities including drafting correspondence, writing NAGPRA notices, and working with partner museums across the country on BLM-Utah NAGPRA cases. The intern should possess a valid driver’s license for official local travel to the off-site collections repository. The internship is located at the BLM-Utah headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. (600 hours)

3446. Bureau of Land Management, Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center and Museum: Intern will assists the Bureau of Land Management-Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center and Museum (BLM-CAVM) Curation Program with BLM archaeological collections and project documentation, focusing on cataloging and proper storage of items from sites on BLM-Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, as well as inventory of exhibited and stored archaeological collections. Intern will be provided broad exposure to the workings of a DOI bureau curation facility and gain experience with the fundamentals of collections management: collections inventory, cataloging,
storage of artifacts, data entry into ICMS (Department of the Interior’s
cataloging system), and organization of associated documentation. Other duties
include assisting staff with researcher access to the CAVM collections,
assisting with public tours, and participating in the CAVM Curation Program’s
Integrated Pest Management Program. Position may involve moderate physical activity. A background in southwest archaeology and/or museum studies preferred; familiarity with Microsoft Office and Excel necessary. Housing is provided. Located just outside Dolores, CO. (600 hours)


3447. Bureau of Reclamation: Intern will perform various tasks that assist in the
care, documentation, and public exhibit of U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR)
museum collections.  Work will be undertaken at USBR museum facilities or non-Federal museums and university departments holding USBR collections throughout nine states in the Midwest. Tasks will include accessioning and/or cataloging archeological and paleontological specimens and updating museum records in the Interior Collections Management System (ICMS) museum database.  Interns may assist with conducting collection inventories and condition surveys; implementing professional museum storage and rehousing artifacts and archival records; and monitoring the physical environment of the collections. Interns may organize, process, copy, scan, and file museum and associated archeology project records and reports in hard copy and digital accession and catalog files. Interns may assist organizing collections for loans to researchers and creating associated loan
documentation. Interns may also assist with geo-referencing archeological
recovery projects and determine ownership of collections resulting from such
USBR projects. Catalog backlog projects may include working with various
Microsoft database and spreadsheet programs to manipulate data into a format
meeting DOI museum records standards. Such work will also include scanning
documents and photographing museum objects. Resulting modified catalog data, digital photographs and documents (Tiff and pdf formats) will then be uploaded to the DOI museum cataloging program (ICMS). Intern must have a U.S. driver’s license and be able to operate a four-wheel drive truck in various inclement weather conditions. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and work in a stationary sitting or standing position for several hours at a time.  Intern must be able to use and be familiar with PC computers and willing to learn to use various MS Office products, Adobe Acrobat, DOI ICMS, digital scanning software and hardware, a digital camera, and various digital and manual museum management equipment.  Attention to detail in creating museum records and working with museum collections is required. Must possess dexterity and an even, patient temperament to move objects safely and manipulate small fragile items without breakage.  Must follow instructions closely and ask
questions when instructions are not clear or understood.  For the most part, the job will entail sedentary work in an environment controlled for museum artifacts, however, working environments may include some dusty and/or high temperature conditions. Travel to/from internship or daily to/from work site is NOT provided. Also, housing is not provided but a housing stipend may be available. Work will be undertaken at a USBR non-Federal museum or university department holding USBR collections throughout nine states in the Midwest, most likely Rapid City SD; Denver, CO; Billings, MT; or Lincoln, NE.  (400 hours)

Location: Southwest Region

3448. Bureau of Land Management, Arizona State Office-Arizona State Museum: The intern will assist the BLM-Arizona’s Deputy Preservation Officer in managing
the BLM Arizona’s Native America Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
(NAGPRA) and museum collections program. The position will include inventorying
collections, visiting repositories where NAGPRA collections are housed;
assisting with the development of Federal Register notices and repatriation
process; and coordinating NAGPRA records organization and digitization. The
intern will collaborate and interact with established museum professionals, BLM
archaeologists, State Historic Preservation Office preservationists, and Tribal
representatives.  The position offers the opportunity to broaden understanding of NAGPRA, museum collections management, Native American cultures in the American Southwest, and the rich cultural heritage of Arizona. The intern should be proficient in Microsoft Office software, particularly Excel and Word, and possess good organization, communication, and time management skills.  This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in Native American studies, museum studies, collections management, anthropology, archaeology, history or related fields. Located in Tucson, AZ (600 hours)

Location: Pacific West Region

3449. Bureau of Land Management, Oregon/Washington State Office: The intern will assist the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Oregon/Washington Deputy Preservation Officer in bringing museum collections into compliance with regulations for curation of Federally-owned and administered archaeological collections at 36 CFR part 79, and Departmental Manual 411 for identifying and managing museum property.  Tasks may include archival research; digitizing and organizing records; coordinating with non-Federal repositories and other partners; visiting BLM district offices and repositories to locate, organize, and re-house collections; reviewing accession and catalog records; drafting various documents; and data entry. The intern should be proficient in Microsoft Office software, particularly Excel, Access, and Word, and possess good organizational, communication, and time management skills.  This opportunity is open to both undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in museum studies, collections management, anthropology, archaeology, history, or related fields.  Located at the BLM-Oregon/Washington State Office in Portland, OR. (600 hours)

SPONSORING AGENCY: General Services Administration

3450. General Services Administration, Building Documentation Specialist: This
internship is located in the Design Excellence Program in GSA’s Office of the
Chief Architect.  The Design Excellence Program operates through GSA's Public Buildings Service (PBS). GSA's PBS directs the Federal government's multibillion-dollar building program, which includes construction, renovation, alteration, and repair of federal office buildings, courthouses, and other facilities. The intern will help with building documentation functions related to the Design Excellence Program. The
program documents Federal buildings, courthouses, and land ports of entry
through video, photography, and publications highlighting the narrative of
their design and construction. Intern assignments will be related to building
documentation activities and may include the following:  Assisting with the management of image library and distribution of design publications and other materials, organizing building documentation materials such as digital photography and supporting files, and  working with other agencies such as the Library of Congress or the National Archives to transfer materials. The intern should be highly organized and have basic Adobe Photoshop skills. Located in Washington, D.C. (400 hours, renewable up to 1200 hours)


3451. General Services Administration, Fine Arts Specialist: This internship is
located in the Fine Arts/Art in Architecture Division in GSA’s Office of the
Chief Architect, Public Buildings Service.  The Fine Arts Program manages the GSA’s Fine Arts Collection to ensure its safety, accessibility, preservation and appropriate use to enhance and promote high-quality work environments for Federal agencies and the public they serve. The intern assists the Fine Arts Program with core activities providing national leadership and expertise in fine art care and policy for GSA’s Fine Arts Collection. The intern will help with collections management and
curatorial functions related to the Fine Arts Collection. The collection includes commissioned public works of art that enhance the architecture of federal buildings – including over 150 historic buildings, portable works of art commissioned by New Deal programs, artist proposals, and architectural models. Intern assignments will be related to core collections management activities and may include the following:  Research and develop interpretive information about artists and artworks, document artwork (cataloguing and photography), and work with the Collections Management Database. The intern should be familiar with standard museum collections management practices.  Located in Washington, D.C. (400 hours, renewable up to 1200 hours)

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Posted: October 21, 2019
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