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Employment Opportunities, Jobs & Internships in Preservation & Cultural Resources     

Employment Opportunities, Jobs & Internships in Preservation & Cultural Resources
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Summer Internships with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Contributed By: Judy Rodenstein

Are you, or do you know of, a student interested in the preservation, enhancement, and sustainable use of our nation’s diverse historic resources? The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) in Washington, D.C. is offering summer internship opportunities. A small, independent federal agency, the ACHP oversees the historic preservation review process for federal projects and manages a variety of preservation programs dealing with national preservation policy and legislation, Indigenous peoples interests, climate change and sustainability, the reuse of historic buildings for current needs, promoting public appreciation of cultural heritage, building a more inclusive preservation program, workforce development, and youth engagement.

Interns will be supervised by ACHP Chair Sara Bronin and ACHP professional staff, and may work virtually, in person, or on a hybrid basis. Most summer internships are full-time or half-time, though fewer hours per week is possible in some of the internships. Interns will become familiar with the full range of work of the agency through orientation and training, and by participating in meetings to observe the development and implementation of federal historic preservation policy. They may also participate in programs with others interning at related agencies and organizations. The ACHP assists interns with networking and advice.

Candidates should have an interest in historic preservation and may come from a wide variety of disciplines, such as history, planning, architectural history, law, archaeology,  economics, architectural design, geography, cultural resource management, communications, information management, or education. Relevant skills include strong research, writing, and organizational ability as well as the ability to work independently and collaboratively. Specific assignments are developed based on current agency needs and the skills and interests of selected interns. We encourage applications from students at minority-serving institutions.

Who Is Eligible?
ACHP internships are open to undergraduate or graduate students. Those who are graduating this spring will also be considered. Interns will be paid a stipend equivalent to $15/hour. Current students who will be participating in an academic, for credit program in which they are not allowed to be paid are also eligible to apply. All interns can receive academic credit if they meet the requirements of their programs.

How to Apply - Deadline – March 31, 2024 
Interested applicants should apply using this form and a resume. Save the filled-out form on your computer as a pdf, reopen it to make sure the content is retained, and then attach it to an email along with your resume. Send to the attention of the Internship Program Coordinator at 

Potential Summer Internship Projects

  • Carry out legal research relating to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and managing or protecting sensitive information about cultural resources under federal and state law. The NHPA and other federal laws allow federal agencies to withhold certain information from public disclosure, but in recent years, more questions have arisen regarding what other protections exist to protect sensitive information and how federal and state sunshine laws may interact. This work would include statutory and regulatory research as well as case law research. In addition to this research, the intern would participate in most aspects of Office of General Counsel activities. A 2nd year law student would be best prepared to undertake this research.
  • Work with the ACHP staff and Latinos for Heritage Conservation (LHC) to identify 3-5 historic sites in the Borderlands of Texas, Arizona, or California that help tell the stories of Latino heritage and history. Research each site and create video incorporating its history, why it is culturally important, and how it came to be designated. Information on Section 106 review and citizen involvement in preserving cultural heritage will also be incorporated into the video and associated outreach materials, including social media content. Materials will be shared via ACHP's platforms and as part of LHC outreach. The intern will also participate in Office of Communications, Education, and Outreach activities and develop skills in community engagement. Familiarity with Latino heritage and culture and Spanish would be a plus.
  • Assist in identifying, naming, and organizing digitized historical records. The intern would help catalog recently digitized ACHP files, create file plans, and identify and propose key words to help build a searchable database. This work would allow the intern to learn about the history of the ACHP from original sources and propose ways to better document and preserve the digital information for the future. The intern will also become familiar with the work of Office of Federal Agency Programs.  A  background in library science or archiving is desirable and some familiarity with historic preservation would be a plus.
  • Work under the supervision of ACHP’s Chair Bronin on a variety of high priority national preservation policy initiatives and projects advancing the work of the agency. This will include research and implementation tasks related to topics such as climate change, housing, and equity. Specific assignments will be developed based on current agency needs and the skills and interests of selected interns.

Past interns say…
 “I was not only afforded the opportunity to immerse myself in preservation law and policy at the national level, but my eyes were also opened to a wealth of interesting possibilities throughout the preservation world. My supervisor was incredibly instrumental in helping me draft my research, cultivate professional connections, and explore opportunities for success in my prospective career.” - Jonathan Stark-Sachs, Office of General Counsel Intern

“I particularly enjoyed the past and present intern meeting because it was fascinating to hear about the different career paths within historic preservation and to receive advice regarding making the most of our internship. I have enjoyed meeting with directors and staff from the different offices and agencies and learning about their work.” – Nikki Vafai, Chair’s Intern

“Not only was the environment educational, supportive and professional but it was also friendly and engaging. The ACHP’s internship program is an amazing opportunity… I am absolutely leaving this internship with a new range of useful knowledge and skills. – Laura Kennedy, Office of Federal Agency Programs intern


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